Salt Font 006

Jul 26, 2007 | news


New display font hot off the press accompanied by its own suite of animals. Check out the personal section of our portfolio to view in full.

Makes you think…

Jul 26, 2007 | conversation news


We’ve got our Semi-Permanent tickets for the Auckland show and 4 of us are heading up Cook St for the day. I’m personally very keen to hear Made Thought from the UK. Truly inspirational print design. See you there.

Helvetica… The Movie

Jul 23, 2007 | conversation

I polished my serverest speckticals and went to see Helvetica. The movie. It was like the Andy Warhol doccumentary (both are part of the film festival) except it used a wide variety of images, the people interviewed hadn’t all aged badly, and it wasn’t 4 hours long. Now Im keener than ever for Comic Sans ...


Jul 9, 2007 | conversation news

Digital communications technology presents a new set of options for the delivery and servicing of certain types of products and services. New Zealand, being far away from many of its key markets, would do well to leverage the ones that make sense, and would also do well to focus on products and systems that are ...

RIP Big Matt.

Jul 4, 2007 | conversation


Matt Watson AKA Big Matt ( front row, far right ) passed away last week. This photo, taken in 1988 just prior to the First National Scooter Rally, decorates the Salt office as a 4×2 meter banner. Our sincere condolences to his friends and family.