The future of digital. 2013 version.

Nov 30, 2012 | news

Come December each year we are inundated with “what’s the future of marketing” blog posts and this one showed up today. A lot of the thinking isn’t new but it does give some really good insights into how the connected world is evolving. The multi-screen age has been here for a few years now but ...

Responsive solution starts with evaluation

Nov 20, 2012 | news

Responsive web site design is an important money saving tool in any brands online strategy but there are situations where certain brands or industries should look to invest more money in unique mobile services. Patrick Emmons expands on this thinking at

How’s your mobile strategy coming along?

Nov 14, 2012 | news

Is it in the “too hard basket”? Or are you “waiting until next year”? With the mobility trend gathering so much momentum, it is hard for marketing departments to keep up with all the benefits and pitfalls. At the very least, marketers should know that now is the time to start making it a significant ...